Setup steps to take with your new Bodstim Suit

Step 1: Download our app

App installation: Please search “Wiems” in the Apple App store and install Wiemspro App – Click Here for Direct link
Video Walkthrough – Click Here
*Currently app is only available on the Apple app store for iPads.

Step 2: Login

Login with the credentials you received from us after you purchased your new Bodstim suit. If you have not received your login yet, please email [email protected] for login access as well as to setup a one on one zoom call training with your new suit.

Step 3: Create your profile

Create your user profile following these easy steps: Click Here to Watch Video


– Set the intensity to each muscle: Click Here
– Intensity master controller: Click Here
– Switch programs during a session: Click Here
– Stop and finish the session: Click Here

Suit Tutorials – Click Here

If you have any issues or questions after receiving your new Bodstim suit, please shoot us an email to [email protected] and one of our team members can assist you.

BodStim™ Intensity Adjustment and Saving Training Videos

– Intensity saving: Click Here
– Intensity adjustment, save and recover intensities: Click Here


Ready to get started?

We can do a zoom call with you to help as well. What day and time is convenient for you? We can help you get your klotho and follistatin program loaded up.

Exercise and Use Recommendation

Hydrate with lots of water up to 3 days before use 8 glasses of water a day. A diet of carbohydrates in this time period will help you retain water as well.

2X a week

Need to get electrodes inside suit wet with water before each use. If you do not have a spray bottle you can use a sponge or wet towel. May have to re-wetten at half way mark at 30 minutes for best results.

Exercise Phase

23 minutes – 20 minutes of EMS (Electrical Muscle Stimulation) Contractions, 5 minutes mild and 15 minutes more intense

  • 3 minutes stretch warm up before putting suit on – try to stretch as many of your separate muscles as possible
  • 5 minutes low intensity muscle contraction warm up – intensity recommended 2 to 5 milliamps
  • 15 minutes classic all muscle higher intensity muscle contraction program in conjunction with ANY aerobic or muscle based exercise of your choice ie; stair master, weight lifting circuit, treadmill walking or running, dumbbells lifting, pull ups, sit ups, jumping jacks, boxing bag. Intensity 15 milliamps recommended when first getting used to suit up to 40 to 60 milliamps when at very high training level after weeks of use with no high soreness level afterwards.

Cool Down Relaxation Phase

Non-Contractile Tingling Sensation Bioelectric Protein Expression Stimulation
(in this phase you can continue to exercise if you wish or can just relax with no exercise, this is your choice, just be careful not to over do it and get sore. If you are going to continue to exercise in this phase we recommend mild exercise not heavy).

  • 35 minutes of klotho non-contractile muscle stimulation
  • 5 minutes of follistatin non-contractile muscle stimulation.
  • Total Time = 63 minutes 2X a week. If you do not feel soreness you can move up to 3X a week if you wish.

You can use the BodStim in conjunction with any exercise program you choose.