Frequently Asked Questions

BodStim Bioelectric Suit

What is BodStim?
BodStim is a bioelectric bodysuit designed to boost the impact of exercise to help people achieve better results in less time.
What is BodStim Mechanism of Action?
BodStim uses Electro-Muscular Stimulation (EMS) to stimulate muscles by passing gentle electrical pulses through them. Generated by a compact bioelectric stimulator, pulses are transmitted to the desired muscle groups via strategically-located electrodes in the garment. EMS pulses cause muscle contractions by mimicking the signals sent via the central nervous system. When combined with exercise, EMS creates up to 40% more force.
BodStim works up to nine muscle groups simultaneously to define and tone muscle, increase circulation, and boost metabolism.
Importantly, BodStim utilizes patented stimulation sequences to control the release of two documented muscle-building proteins – Klotho and Follistatin.
Is BodStim FDA cleared?
Yes, BodStim is FDA-cleared cleared for stimulating muscle contractions during exercise. It is not cleared for the repair of damaged muscle.

Potential Future Benefits

The parent company, Leonhardt Ventures, has developed patented protein expression signals in over 35 innovations in five major areas: Heart and Cardiovascular, Brain, Major Organ regeneration, Cosmetic and Reproductive Health, and Cancer. BodStim is being studied as a possible vehicle to deliver additional signals and provide potential future benefits to:

  • Help heal and recover muscle function following exercise or injury.
  • Reduce inflammation and pain
  • Improve joint motion and reduce joint pain and stiffness
  • Reduce the risk of venous thrombosis
  • Improve damaged nerve connections
  • Improve tissue elasticity and tighten skin laxity
  • Recover from muscle spasms
  • Help heart failure patients recover faster