BioLeonhardt Whole Body

BodStim Bioelectric Suit

BodStim uses Electro-Muscular Stimulation (EMS) to stimulate muscles by passing gentle electrical pulses through them. Generated by a compact bioelectric stimulator, pulses are transmitted to the desired muscle groups via strategically-located electrodes in the garment. EMS pulses cause muscle contractions by mimicking the signals sent via the central nervous system. When combined with exercise, EMS creates up to 40% more force.

BodStim works up to nine muscle groups simultaneously to define and tone muscle, increase circulation, and boost metabolism.

Importantly, BodStim utilizes patented stimulation sequences to control the release of two documented muscle-building proteins – Klotho and Follistatin.

BodStim is the only bioelectric exercise enhancement suit with patented signaling sequences for controlling the release of Klotho and Follistatin – two documented muscle-building proteins that may also have many other health benefits. The BodStim team is conducting clinical studies to demonstrate the technology’s fitness for expanded indications beyond building muscle during exercise. We are seeking collaborations with researchers interested in exploring new applications using our core technology (IRB and proper regulatory clearances required).

Electrodes, Cables, and Stimulator

BodStim features ten pairs of electrodes located strategically throughout the suit on major muscle groups. The electrodes are connected by a series of wired cables integrated into the suit’s fabric to avoid direct contact with the user.

Suit Fabric

Constructed of comfortable, washable, stretch antibacterial fabric, BodStim suits allow for unrestricted movement during exercise. BodStim Pro suits, worn over BodStim undergarments, are adjustable to facilitate use by multiple people. They are sanitized between each service and are washable up to 10,000 times.