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Leonhardt Ventures LLC, a world leader in pioneering new ways to treat aging-related ailments, announced today the filing with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) of a patent application for bioelectrically-controlled expression of the NANOG protein. The application is backed by data from company studies for treating nearly all major aging-related diseases.

The NANOG protein is a transcription factor in embryonic stem cells (ESCs) and is thought to be a critical factor in maintaining pluripotency. Pluripotency is the ability of a cell to develop into any cell type an organism needs. ESCs can become virtually any cell of the three germ layers (endoderm, ectoderm, mesoderm). Understanding the mechanisms that maintain a cell’s pluripotency will be critical in making advances in treating degenerative diseases

This patent filing, Leonhardt Venture’s 50th patent filed or licensed in the past 60 months, adds to its rapidly-expanding U.S. patent portfolio covering a set of devices, methods, and biological compositions that leverage the body’s ability to heal itself. Since May 2020, Leonhardt Ventures LLC has received ten patent grants from the USPTO.

“Leonhardt Ventures LLC is building a strong intellectual property portfolio and an innovative technology platform to support its pioneering approach. We leverage the convergence of bioelectrically-controlled regenerative protein expressions with biologics to regenerate organs, treat chronic health conditions, and reverse aging-related ailments,” said Howard J. Leonhardt, inventor, Executive Chairman, and CEO.

“NANOG is vital to human health, and our discovery of how to precisely control the expression of NANOG, made after years of fundamental research in our labs, represents a potential breakthrough in treating aging-related conditions. Based on early-stage research, NANOG may not only have the capacity to delay aging; it may even have the potential, in some cases, to reverse aging, especially muscle-related aging, including the heart muscle. Studies have shown that cells with increased NANOG expression also appear to exhibit superior DNA damage repair.” stated Jorge Genovese, M.D., Ph.D., Co-Inventor and Vice President of Bioelectric Regeneration at the company.

“NANOG has many properties potentially useful to heart muscle regeneration, including restoring the myogenic differentiation potential of skeletal myoblasts, which we have studied for years. Adding bioelectrically-controlled NANOG expressions could significantly improve our results. Recently published pre-clinical studies have demonstrated that NANOG can reverse muscle tissue aging. This new work is the first-time studies have supported the ability to alter NANOG expression via precisely-controlled bioelectric stimulation and is the subject of this patent filing. Adding this promising new addition to our armamentarium of tools to treat heart failure is something that we intend to explore further with carefully designed studies.” added Dr. Leslie Miller, Chief Medical Officer for Leonhardt Ventures LLC

Company-sponsored studies utilizing specific bioelectric signaling sequences have demonstrated the ability to control the up-regulation expression of NANOG over three times and, when desired, also control the down-regulation of NANOG by three times. These processes are now patent pending. The precise control of NANOG expression on demand constitutes the primary claim of this announced pioneering patent filing.

Down-regulation of NANOG has been licensed exclusively to our bioelectric cancer treatment startup CancerCell which already has 11 issued U.S. patents related to bioelectric cancer treatment including the bioelectric Klotho expression for cancer tumor suppression.

For both up-regulation NANOG organ regeneration applications and bioelectric cancer treatments the company plans to implement a number of well-controlled pre-clinical studies followed by dose escalation safety studies before moving into formal clinical studies for each candidate application of use.

Caution: The product has not yet been proven safe or effective and is not available for sale. It may take years of pre-clinical and dose escalation safety studies before the product is available for investigational use. The company is moving cautiously on this development to ensure patent safety above all.

Last week, Leonhardt Ventures LLC announced the issuance of its patent for the bioelectrically-controlled expression of Klotho, another powerful anti-aging-related protein. In August, the company filed a patent application for the bioelectrically-controlled expression of the SIRTUINS family of proteins.

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About Leonhardt Ventures LLC:

Founded in 1982, Leonhardt Ventures LLC (formerly H.J. Leonhardt & Co.) has become a world leader in developing breakthrough medical technologies focused on longevity and wellness via the convergence of bioelectric-controlled protein expressions and stem cell-based biologics. The company is pioneering combination therapies for organ regeneration and healing and reversing chronic health conditions to help people live longer healthier lives.

About CancerCell: CancerCell is a startup in the Leonhardt Ventures LLC portfolio focused on bioelectric cancer treatment with 11 issued U.S. patents to date and has dozens of more patent claims still pending. The company has completed preliminary pre-clinical feasibility studies at UCLA and hundreds of lab experiments in its R&D laboratories. The company has initiated collaboration with researchers in Brazil and other locations with significant cancer treatment experience including some with electromagnetic treatment experience. The company plans to complete additional pre-clinical studies before moving the candidate product to clinical studies.

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