New and innovative discoveries may help doctors better fight cardiovascular disease

Did you know that cardiovascular disease accounts for more deaths than any other cause, worldwide? This makes it more important than ever to choose a lifestyle that is heart-healthy! The main underlying condition that causes many heart problems is something called atherosclerosis. This condition is a major contributor to many of the common cardiovascular diseases that you are probably familiar with.

Exciting discoveries are occurring as the medical world digs deep into studying cardiovascular disease

Recent medical studies have found that α-Klotho often works as an anti-aging mechanism. The prevalence of this protein could be a useful piece of information for doctors trying to find effective treatments for various different cardiovascular diseases. Commonly referred to as KL, this protein also contains effective anti-inflammatory properties. It is an exciting discovery that could lead to improvements in the way we fight heart disease.

More effective treatments may be on the way

If you or a loved one suffer from a cardiovascular disease like coronary artery disease or peripheral artery disease, this is great news! As the medical community learns more about how the body fights off disease, it is better equipped to find improvements in current treatments. For example, if adding KL to existing treatments helps the body combat these diseases more effectively, many patients will benefit. Doctors are constantly working to improve current treatments and help more people lead full and happy lives.

Living with cardiovascular disease can be a big adjustment. Finding the right medication to treat your ailment is an important first step. Now is a great time to discuss treatment options with your doctor and determine if any of these new and innovative medicines are right for you. Leading a more effective life is another way that you can help your body combat cardiovascular disease. Additionally, giving up smoking and losing weight if you are obese are other smart changes.

Controlling cardiovascular disease can also help to reduce the chance of having a stroke or heart attack. If you want to live a healthier and more fulfilling life, now is the time to find out more about how you can effectively combat your cardiovascular disease.