Corona Del Mar, CA ( Thursday Oct 27, 2022 @ 1:15 PM Central —

Lionheart Health, Inc. has developed an exciting new wearable, BodStim, bringing years of research, trials, and ingenuity to the public. Their patented bioelectric products capitalize on the best practices utilizing electromagnetic stimulation (EMS) coupled with electromagnetic frequencies (EMF) for signaling, promoting, and controlling regenerative protein expressions, specifically, Klotho. The BodStim wearable bioelectric bodysuit has been FDA-cleared, after proving its ability to augment exercise to previously undiscovered levels: signaling sequences that control the release of Klotho.

The transmembrane protein Klotho was discovered in 1997 by Makoto Kuro-o et al, and its effects on the body have since been widely studied. Lionheart Health has dedicated years of research and trials to better understanding the Klotho benefits, and the degenerative fallouts of its natural declination in human anatomy as we age. Klotho has been demonstrated to play a major role in the aging process. The protein Klotho decreases as we age; its decreasing presence is one of the factors underlying kidney functions that can lead to diabetes, as it provides sensitivity of the organism to insulin.

Reduced production of the Klotho protein is observed in patients with chronic kidney failure. Additionally, Klotho reduction is one of the major factors in other degenerative processes such as skin atrophy, bone density loss (osteoporosis), and factors leading to the number one killer of men and women: arteriosclerosis, and heart disease. Lionheart Health is committed to helping exploit these advances in knowledge, helping us live better, healthier, and longer lives. Their BodStim wearable bodysuits capitalize on these scientific and medical advancements.

With over 3000 scientific independent, peer-reviewed papers published on Klotho to date, Lionheart Health has developed the unique BodStim suit with patented bioelectric signaling sequences that promote and control the release of the Klotho protein. The BodStim is more than a powerful muscle-building workout – it promotes hundreds of other anti-aging benefits. Living longer is good. Living better, healthier, and more active throughout increased longevity is the goal of Lionheart Health’s BodStim.

BodStim’s stretch bodysuit adapts comfortably to the body with high-quality, flexible, textile-based electrodes and cables integrated throughout the fabric. Unlike silver-silver chloride electrodes currently on the market, BodStim EMS/EMF is specifically designed to avoid direct contact with the wearer, while maintaining optimal positioning for targeted uses and function. BodStim offers the user the ability to target specific areas, organs, and monitoring to ensure the greatest efficacy; it has no peers. The BodStim state-of-the-art conductive patterns are lightweight, antibacterial, and washable.

The latest scientific studies show humans can live up to 150 years, given appropriate conditions and healthy lifestyle factors. Even with vigorous aerobic exercise three times per week, we can only naturally produce an increase of Klotho proteins by 12%. The BodStim technology shows proteases (catalyst) can be increased by 150% through targeted, patented frequencies. This increase helps reduce chronic inflammation, and artery calcification promotes healthy heart valves, and brain blood vessels, and improves muscle regeneration, and recovery from kidney failure and stroke while reducing the risk of depression, dementia, addiction, and Alzheimer’s. The BodStim wearable by Lionheart Health, Inc. is able to promote 150% Klotho production and benefits with as little as 20 minutes of use, compared to hours of intense workouts; this results in an increase of Klotho by up to 465% over baseline levels.

Lionheart Health, Inc. has been committed to helping others live healthier, longer, more enjoyable lives since 1957. With a full range of FDA 510 K-cleared devices, BodStim is the latest in a no-pill approach to better living. Additionally, Lionheart Health donates portions of each and every product sold to organ regeneration research.

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