Most people in the aesthetic and fitness field know the benefits of electrostimulation. But does it work, or is it overacted?

Read along to find out;

Does Electrostimulation Work?

Yes, electrostimulation works, and it has recently found its way to the fitness and aesthetic industries. People who want to shake some weight off and look fabulous use electrostimulation to exercise their muscles. 

The secret behind electrostimulation is its ability to trigger intensive muscle stimulation. That makes the muscles reduce (exit) and allow fats to convert to muscles. Once that is done, it creates a calorie deficit, which aids weight loss. 

When you incorporate electrostimulation workouts and yet have the recommended diet plan from health experts, you will have a manageable weight. That will give birth to beautiful skin, reduce sagging skin possibilities, aid anti-aging, and give you a well-toned body.

How Electrostimulation Came About (Origin)

It dates back to BC when the Egyptians noted an electric fish that would give pulses. They then discovered that the pain was relieved when they used the fish on a patient. 

Through the years, there have been improvements made to make it work. Notably, it has been used even in military camps, rehabilitation and sports. Interestingly, electrostimulation is not limited to any age group, because even seniors can use it. 

Using electrostimulation to aid weight loss has been noted to be safe. Several devices like vests and suits with electrodes have emerged and are safe to use. The technology makes them use the acceptable current ratio and cannot cause damage. That is why electrostimulation works for people who want to lose weight while exercising and watching their diet. 

How often Should You Use Electrostimulation?

The intensive use of electrostimulation leaves bruised muscles or exit muscles, so a person needs a good rest. Its ability to help you reduce caloric intake means you have to take some days to gain muscle strength. 

The resting and recovery time is different for different people, though the recommended time is 2 to 3 days. 

Thus, if you can undergo an electrostimulation 1 or 2 times a week, you can still achieve fantastic results. However, this depends entirely on your set goals and what you want to achieve.