If you’ve ever wished your life could be extended, you might like to know that technological breakthroughs can help make this possible. In fact, the future is looking brighter for those who’d like to live up to 200 years old. Consider reading about these amazing tech breakthroughs that can drastically change human longevity.

Regenerative Medicine

Although you may live a long, healthy lifestyle, you and every other person will eventually surrender to degenerative conditions such as immune system decline and heart failure. But technologies exist that have the potential to restore the body. For one, some stem cell treatments are already FDA-approved and can be helpful in treating various conditions including diabetes and vision loss.

Genetic Engineering

Scientists have gained a clearer understanding than ever of how aging and genes relate to each other. Altering a person’s genes for increased longevity is possible due to gene-editing tools such as CRISPR-Cas9. Moreover, by 2025, the FDA is planning to approve several gene therapies.

Healthcare Hardware

One technology you’re probably aware of is connected devices like Apple Watch and Fitbit. These devices are small-scale in comparison to what’s to come in the realm of health diagnostics. In the near future, embeddable, portable, and wearable devices will lower the risk of premature death from diseases and increase people’s longevity. Of course, diagnosing diseases such as cardiovascular disease and cancer early is crucial.

AI and Health Data

By using all of the data from digitized research results, conventional medical records, and digital diagnostic devices combined with artificial intelligence, humans can change healthcare for the better. For example, AI and data make it easier for researchers to analyze information without having to take extra years and money to create new health developments. This impacts everything from drug discovery to treating and eliminating life-threatening diseases.

In light of this information, living longer can seem like some futuristic event straight out of a science fiction movie. Indeed, this is sort of what it is, because humans are getting smarter and learning the true value of being healthy. But you don’t have to wait for tech breakthroughs to at least improve your longevity. You can start living a healthier lifestyle right now.